Saturday, November 3, 2012

At the Beach - Demo Images

Big Hat - Demo

14x11 mixed media on board
Towards the end of this painting I realized I wanted to change her facial features. The photo I was working from was too difficult to render a descent portrait. I also had to forgo the paper on her face and neck. I don't like when I have to do that, but sometimes it just doesn't work otherwise.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Pink Wig #2 - Demo

Pencil grid and sketch on stretched canvas - 16x20. I'm such a slave to my grids, I 'm ashamed to say. I may one day choose not to use them and let what may happen happen.

I have placed the paper here for a visual. I was happy with the placement, so I glued them done.

Here the paper is glued down with a coat of clear primer applied in case some of the paper isn't acid free.

First run through with the oil paint to unit the collage pieces.

After working the painting for a bit I felt the eyes were bigger than I wanted them. The eyes are significantly smaller on the finished version than they are here.

16 x 20 collage and oil on stretched canvas

The first version (6x8 study) of this painting was done over an older landscape painting which had some pink in it. That's where the pink hair came from. The brown skin tone came from a brown piece of paper. The blue shirt came from an old pastel drawing that I used for collage pieces. The reference photo was a mug shot from the turn of the century, the crime unpublished.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Clutches and Hats - Collage and Paint

16 x 20 on board

CSC was my grandmother.

I had a basic idea where the girls were placed. It was going to be a torso and head shot. I wanted to get the board completely covered with paper.

After I finished the collage, I put a couple layers of transparent gesso on it. Most of the paper is wallpaper samples from old sample books I picked up for nothing at a paint and wallpaper supply store. Although I do have to admit I did pick up some paper at Michael's (craft store). I happened to be there and couldn't resist.

Composition sketched in with paint.

First stage of paint - getting the drawing and color scheme established.